At ETC locks we also offer a full range of wireless systems with a 5 year warranty.

The wireless systems include:

  • Intercom / entry phone systems
  • alarm/ fire alarm systems

wireless systems

On the intercom system, wireless systems can be used remotely to open door locks or entryphone systems or automatic gates.

Watch the Daitem Promotional Video - Explaining Wireless Systems

A wireless system is an ideal is an ideal choice of alarm system for out buildings where mains supply is limited. Wireless systems can also be fitted on boats or other areas that require additional security.

Daitem Wireless Systems

The wireless system can be set up to contact you via a built in dialler to alert you of any trip on the alarm.

In the house, the wireless system does not just arm the alarm, it can also switch lighting, TV or other electrical appliances via a remote switcher which is controlled by the main alarm panel.

There is also a touch screen palm top available which, for example, could open the access gate to your house or the main auto gates and switch the TV or lights on and off.

All of the above can also be done by means of computer when you are away on holiday ie turn the lights on and off to show a presence.

The wireless intercom systems are especially suited for less able bodied people who require flexibility in their security without compromise. Because the intercom system/ entryphone system is wireless the handset (i.e. the device you use to speak to someone before allowing them access) is portable and can be moved around the house like a cordless telephone.

Because it is a wireless system, it is not affected by cable damage or power surges etc.

The wireless systems are cost effective for multiple apartment blocks because there are no wires and there is a fixed point for your handset within your apartment.

Our motto is:
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